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    [WINDOWSNT]: Include winsock.h and ntlib.h. · c2668a61
    Richard M. Stallman authored
    Macro SOCKET_ERROR undefined.
    Don't declare h_errno.
    [!WINDOWSNT]: Define macros recv and send.
    [!WINDOWSNT] (POP_SERVICE): Change to pop3.
    (pop_open) [WINDOWSNT]: Initialize trash_started.
    (have_winsock) [WINDOWSNT]: New variable.
    (socket_connection) [WINDOWSNT]: Initialize winsock.
    (socket_connection): Use closesocket instead of close.
    (getline): Use recv instead of read.
    (fullwrite): Use send instead of write.
    (pop_trash): Use closesocket instead of close.
    (pop_trash) [WINDOWSNT]: Cleanup winsock.
    Check if being called recursively by sendline.
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