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    Prefer enum glyph_row_area to int where appropriate. · c3c4768d
    Dmitry Antipov authored
    * dispextern.h (enum glyph_row_area): Add ANY_AREA member.
    Fix comment.
    (window_box, window_box_width, window_box_left, window_box_left_offset)
    (window_box_right, window_box_right_offset): Adjust prototypes.
    * xdisp.c (window_box, window_box_width, window_box_left)
    (window_box_left_offset, window_box_right, window_box_right_offset):
    Use enum glyph_row_area.  Adjust users and tweak comment where needed.
    (window_box_edges): Likewise.  Lost 2nd arg since it is always ANY_AREA.
    * nsterm.m (ns_clip_to_row):
    * w32term.c (w32_clip_to_row):
    * xterm.c (x_clip_to_row): Likewise.
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