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    (lisp_malloc, lisp_free): New functions. · c8099634
    Richard M. Stallman authored
    Use them instead of malloc, xmalloc, and xfree, for Lisp objects.
    Don't set allocating_for_lisp in the callers; let lisp_malloc do it.
    (n_interval_blocks, n_float_blocks): New variable.
    (n_cons_blocks, n_vectors, n_symbol_blocks): New variable.
    (n_marker_blocks, n_string_blocks): New variable.
    (init_intervals, make_interval): Set a count variable.
    Use lisp_malloc instead of setting allocating_for_lisp.
    (init_float, make_float, init_cons, Fcons): Likewise.
    (allocate_vectorlike, init_symbol, Fmake_symbol): Likewise
    (init_marker, allocate_misc, init_strings): Likewise.
    (make_uninit_multibyte_string): Likewise.
    (gc_sweep, compact_strings): Decrement the count variables.
    (uninterrupt_malloc): Don't store Emacs's hooks
    into the old_..._hook variables.
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