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    (Vw32_pass_optional_keys_to_system): Variable removed. · ccc2d29c
    Geoff Voelker authored
    (Vw32_scroll_lock_modifier): New variables.
    (modifier_set): Return toggle state for Scroll Lock.
    (w32_key_to_modifier): New function.  Returns chosen modifier bit
    for given key.
    (w32_get_modifiers): Returns modifier flags for
    non-keyboard input events.
    (construct_console_modifiers): Renamed from construct_modifiers;
    recognize Windows and Apps keys as modifiers.
    (w32_get_key_modifiers): New function.  Returns modifier flags for
    keyboard input events.
    (map_keypad_keys): Make non-static.  Use second arg as extended
    (w32_grabbed_keys): New variable.
    (Fw32_reconstruct_hot_key): New functions to support hotkeys.
    (post_character_message): New function.
    (w32_msg_pump): Handle new messages for using hotkeys and changing
    keyboard layout/language.
    (w32_wnd_proc): Major rework of keyboard input handling:
    optionally recognize Windows keys and Apps key as modifiers;
    optionally treat NumLock, CapsLock and ScrollLock as function
    keys; let system translate keystrokes to characters to avoid
    system bugs relating to dead-key handling; preserve shift
    distinction for control characters; forward keyboard
    layout/language changes to lisp; detect and convert hot-key events
    to normal keystrokes.
    (syms_of_w32fns): Register new functions and variables.
    (w32_last_error): New function for use in debugging.
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