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    (perform-replace): Add isearch-case-fold-search. · ccec9764
    Juri Linkov authored
    Use delimited-flag for isearch-regexp.
    Reset isearch-lazy-highlight-last-string to force lazy
    highlighting when called from isearch mode.
    (query-replace-highlight): Revert defcustom type to boolean.
    (query-replace-lazy-highlight): New defcustom.
    (query-replace): New face.
    (perform-replace, replace-highlight, replace-dehighlight):
    Test query-replace-lazy-highlight instead of special value
    `isearch' of query-replace-highlight.
    (replace-dehighlight): Don't call isearch-dehighlight.
    (replace-highlight): Don't call isearch-highlight.
    Use face `query-replace' unconditionally.
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