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    Add more of the old .bzrignore to .gitignore. · d24e558f
    Paul Eggert authored
    Plus a few more .gitignore improvements.
    * .gitignore: Add copyright notice, since it's big enough.
    Put exceptions immediately after the patterns they're exceptions
    to, to make them easier to follow.
    Give four exceptions for the Makefile pattern.
    Ignore /confdefs.h, test/indent/*.new, TAGS, GPATH, GSYMS, GRTAGS,
    GTAGS, ID, *.exe, some nextstep-related files,
    jisx2131-filter, *.orig, *.rej, etc/emacs.tmpdesktop, *.in-h
    _* (except for build-aux/snippet/_Noreturn.h), /bin/, /BIN/,
    /data/, etc/icons/, lib/cxxdefs.h, lib/SYS/, /libexec/, /lock/,
    /README.W32, /share/, /site-lisp/, src/gdb.ini, /var/.
    Ignore /configure.lineno, since POSIX requires
    LINENO only with the User Portability Utilities option.
    Ignore *cust-load.el and *loaddefs.el only under lisp.
    Ignore core files of various flavors.
    Do not ignore etc/refcards/gnus-logo.pdf.
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