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    (kbd_buffer_gcpro): Renamed from · da8f7368
    Gerd Moellmann authored
    kbd_buffer_frame_or_window.  Now used for all Lisp objects
    referenced from the input queue.
    (kbd_buffer_store_event): Always use structure assignment for
    copying input events.  Record all Lisp objects referenced from
    events in kbd_buffer_gcpro.
    (kbd_buffer_get_event): Construct Lisp `help-echo' events
    differently from input events.  Test for prefix menu_bar_events
    and TOOL_BAR_EVENTs differently.  Reset all slots used by an input
    event in kbd_buffer_gcpro to nil.
    (make_lispy_event) <TOOL_BAR_EVENT>: Treat an input event whose
    frame_or_window is equal to its arg member as prefix events.
    (stuff_buffered_input): Reset all slots in kbd_buffer_gcpro
    used by an input event to nil.
    (init_keyboard): Use two times the size of the input queue
    for kbd_buffer_gcpro.
    (syms_of_keyboard): Likewise.
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