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    Bug 5177: Scroll bar thumb did not move when scrolling with mouse wheel. · e5f0bc9a
    Jan Djärv authored
    * xterm.c (xg_scroll_callback): Parameter list changed,
    use parameter GtkScrollType to determine scroll/line/page.
    Only allow dragging if a button < 4 is grabbed (bug #5177).
    (xg_end_scroll_callback): New function.
    (x_create_toolkit_scroll_bar): Pass xg_end_scroll_callback to
    * gtkutil.c (xg_gtk_scroll_destroy): Remove XG_LAST_SB_DATA handling.
    (scroll_end_callback): Remove.
    (xg_create_scroll_bar): Add parameter end_callback, bind it to
    button-release-event.  Replace value-changed event with change-value,
    bug #5177,
    (xg_event_is_for_scrollbar): Only return true if button is less than 4,
    bug #5177.
    * gtkutil.h (XG_LAST_SB_DATA): Remove.
    (xg_create_scroll_bar): Add GCallback end_callback.
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