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    Allow deleted processes to be reaped by SIGCHLD handler on MS-Windows. · ef862e20
    Eli Zaretskii authored
     src/w32proc.c (new_child): Free up to 2 slots of dead processes at a
     time.  Improve diagnostics in DebPrint.
     (reader_thread): If cp->char_avail is NULL, set the FILE_AT_EOF
     flag, so that sys_select could have a chance of noticing that this
     process is dead, and call a SIGCHLD handler for it.  Improve
     diagnostics in DebPrint.
     (reap_subprocess): Reset the FILE_AT_EOF flag set by
     (sys_select): Watch a process whose procinfo.hProcess is non-NULL
     even if its char_avail is NULL.  Allows to reap subprocesses that
     were forcibly deleted by delete-process.  (Bug#13546)
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