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    Don't set `auto-image-file-mode'. Do not create the thumbnails directory on · f271d3c7
    Juanma Barranquero authored
    (thumbs-conversion-program): Use `eq' to check the system type, not `equal'.
    (thumbs-temp-dir): Set to `temporary-file-directory', not "/tmp".  Fix
    (thumbs-thumbsdir): New function to return the thumbnails directory, creating it
    if needed.
    (thumbs-cleanup-thumbsdir, thumbs-thumbname): Use it.
    (thumbs-temp-file): Delete variable and make it into a function.
    (thumbs-resize-image, thumbs-modify-image): Use it.
    (thumbs-kill-buffer): Simplify.
    (thumbs-gensym): Defalias or duplicate CL `gensym'.
    (thumbs-resize-image, thumbs-resize-interactive): Fix typos in docstrings.
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