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    * frame.h (struct frame): New fields `can_have_scrollbars' and · f451eb13
    Jim Blandy authored
    	accessors, for both the MULTI_FRAME and non-MULTI_FRAME.
    	* window.h (struct window): New field `vertical_scrollbar'.
    	* xterm.h (struct x_display): vertical_scrollbars,
    	judge_timestamp, vertical_scrollbar_extra: New fields.
    	(struct scrollbar): New struct.
    	PIXEL_TO_CHAR_HEIGHT): New accessors and macros.
    	* frame.c (make_frame): Initialize the `can_have_scrollbars' and
    	`has_vertical_scrollbars' fields of the frame.
    	* term.c (term_init): Note that TERMCAP terminals don't support
    	(mouse_position_hook): Document new args.
    	(set_vertical_scrollbar_hook, condemn_scrollbars_hook,
    	redeem_scrollbar_hook, judge_scrollbars_hook): New hooks.
    	* termhooks.h: Declare and document them.
    	(enum scrollbar_part): New type.
    	(struct input_event): Describe the new form of the scrollbar_click
    	event type.  Change `part' from a Lisp_Object to an enum
    	scrollbar_part.  Add a new field `scrollbar'.
    	* keyboard.c (kbd_buffer_get_event): Pass appropriate new
    	parameters to *mouse_position_hook, and make_lispy_movement.
    	* xfns.c (x_set_vertical_scrollbar): New function.
    	(x_figure_window_size): Use new macros to calculate frame size.
    	(Fx_create_frame): Note that X Windows frames do support scroll
    	bars.  Default to "yes".
    	* xterm.c: #include <X11/cursorfont.h> and "window.h".
    	(x_vertical_scrollbar_cursor): New variable.
    	(x_term_init): Initialize it.
    	(last_mouse_bar, last_mouse_bar_frame, last_mouse_part,
    	last_mouse_scroll_range_start, last_mouse_scroll_range_end): New
    	(XTmouse_position): Use them to return scrollbar movement events.
    	Take new arguments, for that purpose.
    	(x_window_to_scrollbar, x_scrollbar_create,
    	x_scrollbar_set_handle, x_scrollbar_remove, x_scrollbar_move,
    	XTset_scrollbar, XTcondemn_scrollbars, XTredeem_scrollbar,
    	XTjudge_scrollbars, x_scrollbar_expose,
    	x_scrollbar_background_expose, x_scrollbar_handle_click,
    	x_scrollbar_handle_motion): New functions to implement scrollbars.
    	(x_term_init): Set the termhooks.h hooks to point to them.
    	(x_set_window_size): Use new macros to calculate frame size.  Set
    	vertical_scrollbar_extra field.
    	(x_make_frame_visible): Use the frame accessor
    	FRAME_HAS_VERTICAL_SCROLLBARS to decide if we need to map the
    	frame's subwindows as well.
    	(XTread_socket): Use new size-calculation macros from xterm.h when
    	processing ConfigureNotify events.
    	(x_wm_set_size_hint): Use PIXEL_TO_CHAR_WIDTH and
    	* ymakefile (xdisp.o): This now depends on termhooks.h.
    	(xterm.o): This now depends on window.h.
    	* xterm.h (struct x_display): Delete v_scrollbar, v_thumbup,
    	v_thumbdown, v_slider, h_scrollbar, h_thumbup,
    	h_thumbdown, h_slider, v_scrollbar_width, h_scrollbar_height
    	* keyboard.c (Qvscrollbar_part, Qvslider_part, Qvthumbup_part,
    	Qvthumbdown_part, Qhscrollbar_part, Qhslider_part, Qhthumbup_part,
    	Qhthumbdown_part, Qscrollbar_click): Deleted; part of an obsolete
    	(head_table): Removed from here as well.
    	(syms_of_keyboard): And here.
    	* keyboard.h: And here.
    	* xscrollbar.h: File removed - no longer necessary.
    	* xfns.c: Don't #include it any more.
    	(Qhorizontal_scroll_bar, Qvertical_scroll_bar): Deleted.
    	(syms_of_xfns): Don't initialize or staticpro them.
    	(gray_bits): Salvaged from xscrollbar.h.
    	(x_window_to_scrollbar): Deleted.
    	(x_set_horizontal_scrollbar): Deleted.
    	(enum x_frame_parm, x_frame_parms): Remove references to
    	(x_set_foreground_color, x_set_background_color,
    	x_set_border_pixel): Remove special code to support scrollbars.
    	(Fx_create_frame): Remove old scrollbar setup code.
    	(install_vertical_scrollbar, install_horizontal_scrollbar,
    	adjust_scrollbars, x_resize_scrollbars): Deleted.
    	* xterm.c (construct_mouse_click): This doesn't need to take care of
    	scrollbar clicks anymore.
    	(XTread_socket): Remove old code to support scrollbars.  Call new
    	functions instead for events which occur in scrollbar windows.
    	(XTupdate_end): Remove call to adjust_scrollbars; the main
    	redisplay code takes care of that now.
    	(enum window_type): Deleted.
    	* ymakefile: Note that xfns.o no longer depends on xscrollbar.h.
    	* xterm.c (x_set_mouse_position): Clip mouse position to be within
    	* xterm.c: Adjust the first line of each page to have a reasonable
    	description.  This makes pages-directory more useful.
    	* xterm.c (x_do_pending_expose): Declare this routine only if
    	HAVE_X11 is not #defined; X11 doesn't need it.
    	(XTread_socket): Protect call to x_do_pending_expose with `#ifdef
    	* xterm.c (notice_mouse_movement): Deleted; obsolete and unused.
    	Properly handle focus shift events, so the cursor is filled and
    	hollow at the appropriate times, even in titleless windows.
    	* xterm.c (x_focus_event_frame): New variable.
    	(XTread_socket): When we receive a FocusIn event that's not
    	NotifyPointer, record the frame in x_focus_event_frame.  When we
    	receive a FocusOut event that's not NotifyPointer, clear it.  When
    	we get a LeaveNotify event, don't take it seriously if we still
    	have focus.
    	* xterm.c (XTread_socket): Remove special code in EnterNotify case
    	to handle scrollbars and fake mouse motion events.
    	Change the meaning of focus redirection to make switching windows
    	work properly.  Fredirect_frame_focus has the details.
    	* frame.h (focus_frame): Doc fix.
    	[not MULTI_FRAME] (FRAME_FOCUS_FRAME): Make this Qnil, which
    	indicates no focus redirection, instead of zero, which is
    	* frame.c (make_frame): Initialize f->focus_frame to Qnil, rather
    	than making it point to frame itself.
    	(Fselect_frame): If changing the selected frame from FOO to BAR,
    	make all redirections to FOO shift to BAR as well.  Doc fix.
    	(Fredirect_frame_focus): Doc fix.  Accept nil as a valid
    	redirection, not just as a default for FRAME.
    	(Fframe_focus): Doc fix.
    	* keyboard.c (kbd_buffer_store_event, kbd_buffer_get_event): Deal
    	with focus redirections being nil.
    	* xterm.c (XTframe_rehighlight): Doc fix.  Deal with focus
    	redirections being nil.
    	* xterm.c (x_error_quitter): Just abort, so we can look at the
    	core to see what happened.
    	It's a pain to remember that you can't assign to FRAME->visible.
    	Let's change all references to the `visible' member of struct
    	frame to use the accessor macros, and then write a setter for the
    	`visible' field that does the right thing.
    	* frame.h (FRAME_VISIBLE_P): Make this not an l-value.
    	(FRAME_SET_VISIBLE): New macro.
    	* frame.c (make_terminal_frame, Fdelete_frame): Use FRAME_SET_VISIBLE.
    	(Fframe_visible_p, Fvisible_frame_list): Use FRAME_VISIBLE_P and
    	* dispnew.c (Fredraw_display): Use the FRAME_VISIBLE_P and
    	FRAME_GARBAGED_P accessors.
    	* xdisp.c (redisplay): Use the FRAME_VISIBLE_P accessor.
    	* xfns.c (x_set_foreground_color, x_set_background_color,
    	x_set_cursor_color, x_set_border_pixel, x_set_icon_type): Use the
    	FRAME_VISIBLE_P accessor.
    	(Fx_create_frame): Use FRAME_SET_VISIBILITY.
    	* xterm.c (clear_cursor, x_display_bar_cursor,
    	x_display_box_cursor): Use FRAME_SET_VISIBILITY.
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